About The District

The West Orange Healthcare District is an independent special district established by the Florida Legislature in 1949. It is governed by a board of 16 Trustees, appointed by the Florida Governor to serve 4 year terms to address the health and wellness needs of our growing community through the funding of healthcare programs and the expansion of healthcare services.  Nominations are provided to the governor from civic and government organizations within the District such as, the Gotha Community Association, Health Central Auxiliary, Health Central Hospital, The Rotary Club of Winter Garden, The Town of Oakland, The West Orange Junior Service League, The Town of Windermere and The Ocoee Women’s Club, to fill 9 board seats and from the Board of Trustees to fill 7 at-large positions. The governor is not bound to fill seats from such nominations but frequently does so.


The District Code of Ethics

West Orange Healthcare District Code of Ethics

Florida Commission on Ethics